Game of Thrones Dead Pool

Each week you have 5 golden dragons to cast your predictions.

You can allocate all 5 golden dragons to one character or divide it up (up to 5 characters per episode, no halfsies)

Each character has odds (sheet 2 on excel) based on their likelihood of dying. If you want to predict a character that is not on the list, they are worth 30 points. 

Send votes before 6pm on Sunday and I'll track everything on an excel like this.

On sheet 1, you'll see everyone's bets. On sheet 2, you'll see the odds (sourced from a bunch of links like this one). 

Other Rules (because I'm having way too much fun):

  • The Jon Snow Rule: If you choose a character to die and that character does not die, you must wait at least one week before betting they will die again. 
  • The Valar Morghulis: If at least 3 people on your list are correct, you get an extra 100 points.
  • The Beric Dondarrian Rule: If you choose a character who dies and comes back to life, we count the death.
  • The Hodor Rule: Every character you're betting on has to have a name. No "random villager" or "soldier" because, wtf, why?

Sound good? Good. VALAR MORGULIS.