weekly schedule


postnatal sculpt

For mamas ready to get back into their workout routine, but don’t know how to begin. These 60-minute flows feature yoga asana, strength-building sequences, light cardio, and a sweet savasana and meditation to seal it all together. Recommended for mamas after 6 weeks postpartum. Babies in strollers welcome.

Friday 12:30pm — Goose Egg Park, Santa Monica

power yoga

Turn stress into sweat with a heated, 60-minute power flow that tests balance, endurance, and strength. All levels welcome.

Monday 4:30pm — Corepower Yoga, Wilshire

Friday 4:30pm — Corepower Yoga, San Vicente

yoga Sculpt

This exhilarating, 60-minute workout combines the mindfulness of yoga with the adrenaline of a HIIT, cardio, and weights. The result? A super strong, sweaty, zen, and powerful you ready to take on the world. All levels welcome.

Wednesday 5:30pm – Corepower Yoga, Wilshire

Private instruction

Get a workout tailored exactly for your mind, body, and goals. Email lizbiscevic21 @ gmail.com to schedule.